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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Louis Armstrong - Paris Blues - Jam Session

Do you want high energy swing music? Well, here you go! Here is a great video clip from the movie Paris Blues with Louis Armstrong.

Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier plays musicians playing in a jazz club when Louis Armstrong and his band comes crashing in (that's how you make a entrance!) and challenge each of them in a jam session.

In beginning of this video clip there is some swing dancing. I just love the energy of the music and I love the joy they express. It truly shows what swing music is all about.

Paris Blues was released in 1961.

What do you think of this video clip from Paris Blues with Louis Armstrong. Tell me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Henrik, I just love that clip, I've been playing it over and over.

I have been in love with Louis since 1976 when I was in jazz school in Edmonton [Alberta, Canada]. I was learning to play the sax there.

Also, I was preparing to do a jazz program for our local FM radio; are you still doing that kind of thing?

Louis Loves Ya!!