Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spotify playlists for swing, jazz and blues

I think music knowledge is important when you dance. After all it is the music that inspires us to dance in a certain way.

You dance differently to a classic swing song than you would do to a rhythm 'n' blues song or a hot jazz song. You probably end up dancing lindy hop, boogie woogie and charleston respectively.

To help my local swing dance scene, Swingkatten, I've put up a number of playlists on Spotify. There are two kinds of playlist, some have focus on type of music, others have their focus on what dance you'd like to to.

My intention is to make dancers more aware of the music and hopefully also inspire more people to become swing dj.

The playlists are collaborative which means that anyone can add songs to them. I encourage you to add your favorite songs to the playlists.

Spotify playlists

Focus on types of music:

Music for different kinds of dances

What do you think of the Spotify playlists for swing, jazz and blues? Please comment.