Royal Crown Revue concert at Debaser ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Royal Crown Revue concert at Debaser

The neoswing band Royal Crown Revue is out on an European tour and is coming to Debaser (Slussen) in Stockholm tomorrow.

Neo swing is not classic swing but it's a style of swing that is influenced by rockabilly and jump blues. Neo swing became popular around 1997-1998 when there was a swing music revival and a lot of people started swing dancing.

Here is a video with Royal Crown Revue performing their song Zip Gun Bop. In the video you can see Peter Loggins dancing lindy hop.

The evening starts at 19 and before Royal Crown Revue goes on stage the Swedish band Nosey Joe and the Poolkings will play. I hear that RCR is an awesome live band, so if you have the opportunity I think you should go there.

Buy tickets at Ticnet. 145 kr.

Interesting fact: Royal Crown Revue was featured in the film "The Mask" where Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz dance to their song "Hey Pachuco!".

What do you think of Royal Crown Revue? Tell me.


SavvyD said...

I loooooove them!! I just saw them in concert tonight, they are really amazing!!! Better live than recorded. Such talented musicians!

Henrik said...

Yeah, they are a great live band. :)