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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Jimmy Witherspoon: Ain't nobodies business

Late night music

There haven't been so much blues music so far in this blog, but now it's time for some slow blues: Ain't Nobodies Business If I Do with singer Jimmy Witherspoon together with trumpeter Buck Claytons band. This video clip is very suitable as late night music.

Jimmy Witherspoon is one of my favorite male blues singers. "Ain't Nobodies Business If I Do" was made popular by another great blues singer: Bessie Smith.

If you want one great record with slow blues music, I can highly recommend (as many other swing djs do) Jimmy Witherspoons compilation album: Jazz Me Blues. On that album there are a few mid tempo songs that you dance lindy hop to, but mostly it's fabulous, slow, "late night" blues.

What do you think of the video clip with Jimmy Witherspoon? Tell me.

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