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Friday, April 6, 2007

Sweet Georgia Brown with Ben Bernie (1925)

Sweet Georgia Brown is a great song and one of the most played jazz standards. The following video clip shows Bernie Ben performing Sweet Georgia Brown in 1925. Ben Bernie was one of the composers of the song (along with Ken Casey and Maceo Pinkard), so this is as close to the original you can get.

It's said that this video clip shows the first recorded saxophone solo. I think it's one of the best hot jazz versions I've heard.

What do you think of Ben Bernies version of Sweet Georgia Brown? Tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Henrik, for this awesome video. Hey since you know Swedish, could you please translate the chatter on the "Tractor" video of sweet georigia brown. Also I was looking/listening through some videos and have lost one. It has an incredible percussionist who plays a solo with a small jazz trio. He has what appears to be a homespun percussion instrument which he plays with finger picks and/or sewing thimbles. If this clip can be found that would be great. If you find it, how do you get it to me? from Sven Olafson