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Monday, February 11, 2008

Uppsala Jazz Club: Spring Program 2008

Uppsala Jazz Club has released the concert program (pdf) for the spring. A lot of good concerts are coming up:

Karl Olandersson. Photo: Copyright: Henrik Eriksson. The photo may not be used elsewhere without my permission.Saturday February 16th
Hacke Björkstens 3G (Three Generations)

Hacke Björksten, saxophone
Karl Olandersson, trumpet
Ulf Johansson Werre, piano
Arne Wilhelmsson, bass
Mathias Puttonen, drums

Saturday February 23rd
Johan Christoffersson 4

The winners of Youth Jazz Contest 2007
Johan Christoffersson, saxophone
Filip Ekestubbe, piano
Petter Olofsson, bass
Sebastian Ågren, drums

Lars Erstrand (vibraphone) played at a concert at Katalin with the Swedish Swing Society. Copyright: Henrik Eriksson. The photo may not be used elsewhere without my permission.
Saturday March 8th
Lars Erstrand Four

Lars Erstrand, vibraphone
Bertil Fernqvist, guitar
Arne Wilhelmsson, bass
Björn Sjödin, drums

Saturday April 5th
Emily McEwan and Kjell Fernström kvartett

Kjell Fernström, piano
Ola Botzén, drums
Per Nilsson, bass
Claes Askelöf, guitar

Saturday April 19th
Gerschwin on Guitar

Andreas Pettersson, guitar
Daniel Tilling, piano
Martin Sjöstedt, bass
Daniel Fredriksson, drums

Which concerts are most interesting to you? Tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Brand New Nostalgia!
Två av Sveriges mest namnkunniga jazzsolister - tillsammans!
Bosse Broberg; trumpet, Roland Keijser; saxofon, Magnus Peterson; kontrabas, Mattias Åström; piano, Daniel Olsson; trummor
Katalin - Pub 19 torsdag 3/4 kl 20