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Friday, February 15, 2008

Toots Thielemans at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Toots Thielemans. Photo by Jos L. Knaepen

What a concert there will be tomorrow at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress! The fantastic harmonica player Toots Thielemans is coming to town and he is backed up by the elite of Swedish jazz musicians.

The musicians are Ulf Johansson Werre, Claes Crona, Vivian Buczek, Jörgen Smeby, Petur Island Östlund, Viktoria Tolstoy, Ulf Wakenius, Peter Asplund and Andreas Öberg.

If you have the opportunity you should really attend the concert that starts at 17. The tickets cost 325 kr.

Here is a video clip of Toots Thielemans playing Bye Bye Blackbird.

The photo above is taken by Jos L. Knaepen.

What do you think of Toots Thielemans? Tell me.

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Clark said...

Toots is fantastic! He is one of the musicians who's records got me in trouble with my folk music audience when I was on the radio. "I never heard horses play it" didn't always sit well with them.