Koop: Come to me feat. Harlem Hot Shots ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Koop: Come to me feat. Harlem Hot Shots

When you dj, you are often looking for songs that will create a certain feeling or mood on the dance floor. You try to find songs that match that feeling or will lead you along a path towards that mood.

Today it's Sunday, so I'm trying to come up with a blog post that gives you a relaxed Sunday morning feeling. Here is a song that is softly swinging that may get you up from your bed. Come to me by Koop.

This music video for the song "Come to me" by Koop is directed by Marcus Söderlund and was shot at the Beatelund mansion at Ingarö outside of Stockholm Aug 1-2 2006. The song is from their album "Koop Islands"

In this video you can spot several members of the swing dance show group The Harlem Hot Shots doing lindy hop and charleston.

This seems to be a great place to have a party. Location and decoration is important to me when I throw a party. Good music and great people are the most important things but it has to look great as well. Small details can really make a difference.

What do think of this video clip with Koop performing Come To Me? Were you an extra at the video shoot? What was that like? Tell me.

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