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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Count Basie Orchestra - Corner Pocket

Every now and then people come up to me and ask:

"Hey, what's the name of this song, I've heard it a million times, but I can't remember the name."

I think there are some songs that you should make an effort to learn their names just because they are classic swing songs.

One of those classic swing songs is Corner Pocket. Here is a video clip with the Count Basie Orchestra performing Corner Pocket.

They have a great full big band sound. Great solos! I really like Sonny Payne on drums.

If you want a Count Basie cd that has Corner Pocket I recommend "April in Paris", a reissue that actually has two versions of the song.

A classic album that also have great versions of "Magic". Good stuff! If you are collecting Count Basie you should get this cd.

What do you think of Corner Pocket by Count Basie? Tell me.

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Julie said...

This post was a long time ago, but I found it on a search specifically about this song. It is one of my favorites, and years ago I was talking to a guy in St. Louis (where I grew up) who was a huge big band aficionado. My brother worked in a record store where a lot of big band musicians used to come in to reminisce. So, I mentioned the song--I had heard it the first time by the Manhattan Transfer, then heard it by Count Basie's Orchestra on the great WEW radio station in St. Louis. I was hooked, searched everywhere for it, then finally found it on an Italian import. Such an elegant swinging song, perfectly balanced. I love it, love to dance to it.