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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hey Mr Jesse February Podcast

A while ago I wrote about the Hey Mr Jesse Podcast Show where Jesse Miner and Manu Smith talks about swing music.

Now a new podcast for February is available.

They interview Barbara Morrison and also list some songs for Valentines day (as I did a couple of days ago). The songs they list are a little bit on the naughty and risque side.

When I dj I sometimes slip a song like that into the mix just to see if people are listening to the lyrics. You can see in the dancers and the listeners eyes and and in their smiles (or blushes) if they have understood what the song is really about.

Read the notes from the podcast show to see all the contents of the show.

Jesse and Manu were very kind to mention this blog and also tried to figure out the right pronunciation of "Uppsala". If you are reading this; You got it right, of course with an American accent but close enough.

What is your favorite risque swing/blues song? Tell me.

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