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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Swing Dancer Magazine

Swing Dancer Magazine is a online publication dedicated to swing dancing and has 4-5 issues a year. The magazine is written by dancers for dancers. One of the magazines missions is to "capture history as it is made in around the globe". This means that they often has interesting articles about other dance scenes in other countries.

The current issue contains these articles (and more):

More articles are available in their archive.

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Christina said...

Thanks for putting up info on the magazine! I'd love to be able to publish more issues a year, but since the magazine is volunteer based, it's difficult to say when enough articles will be available for a complete issue.

The magazine celebrates it's 1 year anniversary next month and the past two issues are getting more publicity than earlier issues. As a result, we're getting more clubs and events contacting us about articles.

Anyone interested in contributing articles or event promoters interested in having their event included should write to info@swingdancer.com