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Monday, January 8, 2007

Hey Mr Jesse at Yehoodi.com

Swing dj Jesse Miner has a podcast with swingin' jazz and blues called 'Hey Mr Jesse' over at http://www.heymisterjesse.com/ (but you'll end up at www.yehoodi.com/mrjesse/).

Yehoodi.com is one of the largest discussion forums for swing dance but they also have a section devoted to swing music.

'Hey Mr Jesse' is a really good show and you will hear some really good jazz. One of the segments in the show is called '8 count swing' where Jesse Miner lists eight of his favorite classic swing songs. One of the songs he features is "Jubilee Swing" by Chick Webb Orchestra on the album Strictly Jive.

"Jubilee Swing" is good but that album has so many other great songs as well like "Who Ya Hunchin'" and of course one of the most infectious swing songs ever: "Lindyhopper's Delight". Yes sir, that is right, it really is a delight to hear that song, if you don't want to run to the dance floor when you hear it then something is wrong (very wrong). The cd is worth buying just for that song alone. Yes, it's that good.

On the album you can hear Ella Fitzgerald who took over the band when Chick Webb passed away. There are blazing fast songs to practise your balboa to: "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie" and "Harlem Congo". You have "'Tain't What You Do" for your shim sham and if you like songs with a novelty feel you should check out "Macpherson Is Rehearsin' (To Swing)".

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