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Friday, February 16, 2007

World Swing DJ Championships

Last Friday it was time for the World Swing DJ Championships which took place at the dance camp Goodnight Sweetheart in Great Britain. The competition is judged by the dancers at the event.
They are instructed to look for the following in the DJs:

  1. Creativity
    - Music selection and interaction of various styles, era's etc.
  2. Stage Presence
    - Appearance, self-confidence, showmanship & sportsmanship
  3. Dance-ability
    - Does the music keep the dancers " a boppin'' or " a stoppin"

It would be fun to participate. I think a little competitiveness can make the djs pull out their best stuff. But performing well in a competition means just that, you're good at competing, it's different from djing a whole night. Still, both formats are about entertaining, making sure that the dancers and the listeners have a good time enjoying themselves. That doesn't change even if the format changes. You've got to entertain.

This year there were swing disc jockeys from USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Belgium and France. The winner was Jamie from the UK.

Maybe I'll be there next year?

Goodnight Sweetheart is organised by the fantastic couple Joseph Sewell and Trisha Purville at

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