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Monday, February 19, 2007

Dekadans: Music contest: win a cd

I'm djing at Dekadans tomorrow and I'll be playing some newly found hot stuff mixed in with well proven solid swing music. Come and dance!

Win a cd!

At the Uppsala Winter Camp I made some swing music mix cds that was played at the workshop locations in the breaks. Since there were four locations I have some cds that are left over. Hence: a small contest!

1) You got to answer a question correctly and mail the answer to me.
2) You must be able to pick up the cd tomorrow at Dekadans.

The question:
At the jazz festival Uppsala Winter Swing there were a musician from France, what is his name and what instrument does he play? (Hint: find the answer in a blog about swing, jazz and blues)

Send your answers to and I'll draw two winners at the dance.

See you tomorrow!

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