Herräng Dance Camp starts today ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Herräng Dance Camp starts today

The worlds largest swing dance camp, the Herräng Dance Camp, start today. The usually quiet and sleepy little village of Herräng gets invaded by swing dancers from all over the world and doubles its population.

You can literally dance 24/7 for a month if you like (and you can dance in the space which in other parts of the year is the village library). There is nothing like Herräng Dance Camp. It's the Mecca of Lindy hop, if you're a lindy hopper you got to go there at least once in your life.

In the video clip above, you'll see a performance done to Bugle Call Rag with lot of aerials from the main ballroom in Herräng. The dancers are Hanna Zetterman & Mattias Lundmark, Frida Segerdahl & Sakarias Larsson and Henric Stillman & Joanna Ericsson.

What do you think of the Herräng Dance Camp? Have you been there? What is your favorite thing about the camp? Please comment.

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