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Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Balboa Weekend 2008 + Swedish Balboa Weekend

Last weekend the All Balboa Weekend took place in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This is the largest event for anyone who dances balboa. They have classes, competitions and lots of social dancing.

Big congratulations to my friend Jonas Pettersson who took first place in the Open Jack & Jill division together with Teni Lopez-Cardenas. I don't have any video clip of them so instead look at Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault who won the American Classic Balboa Championship.

I haven't heard the song before, can anyone tell me what song that is?

The Sweden Balboa Weekend in coming up here in Uppsala September 26 - 28th. We've got some awsome balboa teachers coming: Mia Goldsmith & Peter Loggins, Laura Keat & Jeremy Otth, Kate Hedin & David Rehm. Come to Uppsala in September you too!

What do you think of the video clip from All Balboa Weekend? Please comment.

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Stampede by Fletcher Henderson - ( )