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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey Mr Jesse! It's April!

Hey dear readers! I hope you have caught the latest Hey Mr Jesse podcast, the April edition.

As usual I'm very eager to listen to it, but slow to announce it on the blog. But by now you regular readers should know that the podcast really is worth listening to as fast as possible.

Download Hey Mr Jesse April 2008 podcast (~50 mb, MP3)
Shownotes for Hey Mr Jesse April 2008 podcast.

The podcast features a great interview with singer Catherine Russell. Maureen Bonnefin tipped the dynamic duo about a band I've been thinking about blogging about for while: The Stolen Sweets. I enjoyed one of Jesse Miner's recent finds: a wild jam session version of "Honeysuckle Rose" with Roy Eldridge and Mel Tormé among others.

I wrote to Jesse and Manu with some comments about the March show:

Jesse, during the last show your instinct were completly right about "Kick it", it was first done by Anita O'day and Gene Krupa. I play that version all the time but now I alternate it with the Lannie Garrett version.

Great to hear some music by Banu Gibson on the show, I love her voice.

If you look at her discography on her website there is actually a great album missing. It's called "Jazz Baby" which was first released in 1983 and then rereleased on cd in 1995.

I guess Jazz Baby is kind of hard to find, but if you see it you should get it right away. The album has a great version of Heebie Jeebies (which was made popular by the Boswell Sisters) and also Lets Misbehave. I've loved Lets Misbehave ever since I saw Christopher Walken dancing to it in the movie Pennies from Heaven.

One last tip: If you want to check out some more swingin' trad jazz, take a look at "The Hot Jazz Band" from Hungary. I recommend the album "20. Jubileum" which has "Don't be that way", "Swing That Music" and two killer versions of "I've found a new baby".

What did you think about The Hey Mr Jesse April 2008 podcast? Tell me.


Breanna said...

I guess I'll have to check out The Hot Jazz Band from Hungary, because I love I Found a New Baby! Good to hear about some more trad jazz to look out for.

Henrik said...

Hi Breanna!

On another album, "15. Jubileum", they also got a very good version of Flat Foot Floogie.