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Friday, November 2, 2007

King Teddy from Washington, DC

King Teddy logo. Copyright: King Teddy.
Earlier this autumn a band called King Teddy from the Washington, DC area mailed me and wanted me to check them out. You can listen to them at their MySpace page or download the songs.

King Teddy plays jump blues in a way that reminds me of the style that a lot of the neoswing bands had in the late 1990's. I'm thinking of bands like Indigo Swing, Jet Set Six and The Love Dogs.

Judging from the songs that are available, I would have liked more songs with a more "raw" feeling, the songs are a little too sweet for my personal taste. But hey, thats just me. Maybe they play other songs that are "rawer"? I liked the song "Phantom of Main and Ordinary Street".

What do you think of King Teddy? Tell me.

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