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Thursday, November 1, 2007

4beat6 plays Benny Goodman songs

4beat6 promotion picture. Copyright: 4beat6.

I just discovered the swing band 4beat6 from the Netherlands which plays swing in the style of the Benny Goodman sextet.

I think they play really tight: Listen to these songs from their site (mp3)

4beat6 consists of Jacco Griekspoor (vibraphone), Martien Oster (guitar), Joop van Deuren (piano), Frans van Geest (bass), Barry Olthof (drums) and David Lukacs on clarinet.

What do you think of 4beat6 playing Benny Goodman songs? Tell me.

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bernardberkhout.blog said...

Hello Henrik!
This is Bernard Berkhout the clarinettist of 4beat6! Thanks for your attention. My email adress is: drsbjb@gmail.com
You may also want to check my site www.bernardberkhout.com or just Google bernard berkhout.
Best regards!