Buddy Rich plays Well Git It at the Tonight Show ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Buddy Rich plays Well Git It at the Tonight Show

Well, Git It is one of the most infectious swing songs I know. Here is a video clip from the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson from Oct. 2, 1985 featuring drummer Buddy Rich playing Well, Git It.

If that doesn't get you snapping your fingers, nothing will.

I have to find out more about the individual musicians in this video: Doc Severinsen, Tommy Newsom, Snooky Young and also Buddy Rich himself. Do you have any tips on what I should hear or see?

What do you think about the video clip with Buddy Rich playing Well Git It? Tell me.


Amberlynn said...

His recording with Tommy Dorsey is one of my favorite songs ever. I've performed to it, and my husband uses it as his ringtone, and it *still* doesn't get old.

phase90 said...

Although I've just discovered this clip last July - I have played I estimate between 500 - 1000 times already!! This is the clip of the decade or longer!! What you should do with this clip is watch BR over and over and over again as his quickness is overwhelming! #2.) This,by BRs standards is a rather what they call "straight' drum solo in time but it is sometimes tough to count it with him - try counting it as he plays it and see if you can come back on "one" like the rest of the band. This is much easier said than done.#3) Also I am totally blown away by the trumpet / drum break at 3:40 - please rewind and listen to this about 100 times or more and please notice someone in the backround say "Allright" right after they catch the break in perfect time. One more thing #4) I love to watch on this is the look on Ed Shaughnessy's face as he watches BRs virtuoso performance. It looks as if he died and went to drummer heaven as he watches Buddy in awe of this magic rendition!! Any questions email phase90@verizon.net
I am a professional bass-player and met Buddy Rich ! ! !