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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hey Mr Jesse: October show

Regular readers of this blog should be familiar with the Hey Mr Jesse podcast by now, if you just discovered this blog, check out what I've written about the podcast in the past. If you haven't listened to the show yet, you really should do it now, it's well worth it. Download the show here.

First off is the news that my friend and swing dj colleague Jonas Pettersson will be the guest dj at Yehoodi Radio on Thursdays during October. Earlier this year Jesse Miner asked for suggestions of swing djs that hadn't played on the show before so I suggested Jonas. Yay, he's here! I expect great music and I'm looking forward to his set (if I only can get the Live365 to work).

I don't want to reiterate everything so just read the show notes from the October podcast to see all the contents of the show, it's all there.

As always, the real gem of the Hey Mr Jesse podcast is the interview. This time it's David Berger from The Sultans of Swing who is interviewed. He talks about how you arrange a swing song and the thought process behind. Really educational. Recommend listening.

I always try to send some comments to Jesse and Manu and some of them are mentioned in the show. I tipped them about Jimmy Smith playing Moanin' and Nikki Yanofsky singing Evil Gal Blues. It also seems that they might feature a interview with Nikki Yanofsky later on, I hope that'll be the case.

What did you think about the October podcast of Hey Mr Jesse? Tell me.

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