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Monday, October 8, 2007

Delta Rhythm Boys - Take The 'A' Train

In the swing era there were some songs composed with a train theme, I'm very ambivalent about them because of the cheesy sound effects when the band tries to sound like a train.

However, here is a good train song: "Take The 'A' Train" with Delta Rhythm Boys.

An anecdote regarding this clip: Some of the clip was used in "Swingen anfaller" a documentary about Herräng Dance Camp (directed by Svante Grundberg in 2005). In the documentary they did a little joke and mixed this clip with some people who board the subway in Stockholm in a similar fashion and later on they arrive in Herräng (the Swedish equivalent of Harlem). This spoof was done so convincingly, so quite a few people who saw the documentary on Swedish tv called the camp office in Herräng to find out what subway line Herräng was located at (not realizing that Herräng is about 150 km northeast of Stockholm, quite a subway trip!).

What do you think of Delta Rhythm Boys singing Take The 'A' Train? Tell me.


Anna-Karin said...

Hej! du visar upp så coola klipp! jag tänker länka till din sida på min blogg, hoppas det är ok.

Henrik said...

Kul att du gillar bloggen!
Kör hårt!