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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nikki Yanofsky sings Evil Gal Blues

The 13-year-old singer Nikki Yanofsky just keeps getting better and better, take a look at Nikki Yanofsky singing Evil Gal Blues at Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada. There is no doubt that she is a rising star in the world of jazz and blues.

The song, Evil gal blues, is written by the journalist/ lyricist/ composer Leonard Feather. Leonard Feather has also written lots of books about jazz.

I've featured Nikki Yanofsky before when she sang Airmail Special and It Don't Mean A Thing.

What do you think of Nikki Yanofsky? Tell me.


jepusto said...

I think it's kind of scary. That she's singing this sort of repertoire right now suggests to me that her parents/managers/teachers/whatever aren't really keeping her best interests as a student of music at heart. She doesn't handle this song very well. Because she's 13, an age when it is hard to be a convincing blues singer.

Carl said...

I saw Nikki at the Montreal Jazz Festival last year (2006) and I found her renditions of Ella much more appropriate for her voice (despite being exact replications of recordings). It will be interesting to watch her develop.

Anonymous said...

saw Nikki in Montreal last night Oct 11 and! With consideration for her only being 13, imagine in 20 yrs. Mind blowing!

Anonymous said...

Nikki is amazing! She is my 3rd cousin but i first heard of her in the newspapper. Its outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard of Nikki until I saw her singing a song on the DVD of High School Musical 2. She sang one version in French; the other in English. I immediately thought of Celine Dion (she started young, and would be a good mentor) ... would love to see them perform together.

Anonymous said...

A pure diamond