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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Newbie night at Cats Corner

On Tuesday there were a "Newbie night" at Cats Corner, lots and lots of people from Swingkatten's beginner courses showed up and we broke the attendance record this season. Yey!

I dj'ed the first part of the evening and played mostly classic swing songs with hifi sound quality, according to my experience that is very good for attracting unexperienced dancers to floor.

Speaking of sound quality, do you know where the worst sound quality in the room is located? You may have guessed it, it's in the dj booth. Since the dj booth is elevated in the corner behind the speakers, all the dj can hear is what the sound sounds like after it has been reflected between several walls, you can't hear much of the melody but much more of the bass pumping. The dj has some indication of the volume, but if you find the volume is to low or to high, come up and tell us and we'll fix it.

I found a new dance blog called Dance Primer by Amberlynn Lane which has great advise for all you newbies out there on How To be THAT Guy that everyone wants to dance with.

Where you at Cats Corner last Tuesday? What did you think of it? Tell me.


Amberlynn said...

Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it!

I also appreciate that you listen to folks when they make suggestions to you about volume. I have a hard time convincing some DJs that the volume needs to be lowered, and it's hard to enjoy a dance when your ears hurt.

David said...

When I played there last time, I moved down to the floor to get better contact with the dancers. But reason I could do that was of course that I used my laptop.