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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome Bloggers! Where to start?

Yesterday I started to see a big boost in the numbers of visitors to this blog. A little research revealed that the staff at Blogger has selected "Swing, jazz and blues" as an interesting and noteworthy blog. How cool is that!

Ok. If you're a new visitor, what should you start looking at?

I'd say: start with the blog posts that has video clips. They have music that makes you wanna dance.


What do you think of this blog? Tell me.


Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise to find this! I absolutely love the video clips - makes you happy just looking at the amazing dance routines and listening to this wonderful music!

Rosa said...

Kul med detta. Har just sänt vidare länken till din blogg till Jazzomat i Luleå. Www.jazzomat.se
"Förutom den ordinarie matverksamheten skall vi ha nattöppet på lördag den 24/3.
Swedish Jazz Celebration, som pågår i Luleå under veckan, har då sin avslutning."

Renegade said...

Cool blog! Great music!

Check out Renegade's BS