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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Soundies: Jazz and Swing Legends in PBS Documentary

In March a documentary about soundies is shown on the tv channel PBS in USA. Watch the trailer for the soundies documentary.

Soundies were an early version of the music video: three-minute musical films, produced by professional film crews in New York, Chicago, and Hollywood between 1940 and March, 1947. The films were displayed on the Panoram, a coin-operated film jukebox, in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, factory lounges, and amusement centers. [Wikipedia]

The documentary is presented by Michael Feinstein. Here is more information about the program.

It would be interesting to see this program because it gives an insight how melodies was performed in those days, that something you can't get just by listening to recordings. I'm looking forward to see the program sometime.

If you want to learn more about soundies check out "The Soundies Book: A Revised and Expanded Guide" by Scott MacGillivray and Ted Okuda.

Have you seen the soundies documentary? What do you think of it? Tell me.

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