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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swing and Jazz MP3s at Amazon.com

Amazon.com doesn't just sell cds they also sell music in the form of mp3s. This is great for people like me and you because it enables you to pick the just the danceable songs of an album. Granted, the other songs on an album may be great to listen to, but if you're on a budget you just want the ones that you can dance to.

Amazon.com has also released a new widget for presenting mp3s, see above. I think this will enable me to give you more tips about swing and jazz song. I can add any song I like to the playlist, so hopefully I'll be posting some playlists later on.

For now, to test this feature, I present the album Kick It by Lannie Garrett that I wrote about in connection to the March Episode of Hey Mister Jesse. The whole album has great danceable songs.

Unfortunatly, right now only people in USA can buy mp3s this way. I hope they'll add support for international customers as well.

What do you think of this mp3 widget from Amazon.com? Tell me.

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