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Monday, May 5, 2008

Freddie Schnickelfritz Fisher - Turkey In The Straw

In my last post about Rockin' in Rhythm I mentioned the song Turkey In The Straw. Since everybody might not know that song I thought I would post this absolutly hilarious video clip of Turkey In The Straw with Freddie Schnickelfritz Fisher.

Freddie Schnickelfritz Fisher led this jug band that has a similar feel like Spike Jones had. I think some of the members of this band also played with Spike Jones.

What do you think of the video clip with Freddie Schnickelfritz Fisher playing Turkey In The Straw? Tell me.

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Helio Jenné said...

Dear Henrik, I'm from distant Brazil and found your blog while I was searching more info about the Schickelfritz Band. Your work here is really good and I appreciated it very much and intend to return more times. A big hug and one again, congratulations!