It was 70 years today, 25 swing bands began to play ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Friday, May 30, 2008

It was 70 years today, 25 swing bands began to play

According to Yehoodi, the following was written in NY Times 70 years ago:


SWING BANDS PUT 23,400 IN FRENZY; Jitterbugs Cavort at Randalls Island as 25 Orchestras Blare in Carnival Trek Begins at 8 A. M. Excitement Only Starts

May 30, 1938, Monday

For a full five hours and forty-five minutes, 23,400 assorted jitterbugs and alligators-more conservatively known as swing music enthusiasts - cavorted yesterday at Randalls Island Stadium to the musical gymnastics of twenty-five swing bands, vainly bucking the lines of police and park officers who were sworn to protect the swing maestros from destruction by adulation.

Take a look at this video clip from Randall's Island with all the people in the audience. It seems like a great great party! 25 swing bands!

The editorial continues:
"They were of all races, all colors, all walks - or rather all swings and all shags - of life."

[New York Times 5-31-1938: 18 (according to The Rise of a Jazz Art World, page 124)]

Don't you wish you had been there swingin' and dancing? Please comment.


Lia said...

I would have loved it.

Actually, I would love to listen and dance to one single swing band - you know, we don1t have many of them here in Brazil.

Royce said...

According to Yehoodi? According to me! :)