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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Swinging events this week

Swingkatten's regular event Cats Corner takes a break tonight as there are other things scheduled at Uplands nation but there are several other events this week:

  • Tomorrow Wednesday: Swing Time Sextett featuring Margareta Nordlander at Katalin. Show by MessAround. Dance floor available. 20-22. 100 kr.
  • Thursday: Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra: Exam concert at Katedralskolans aula. 19:00 - 20:15. Free.
  • Friday: After Work Jazz. Concert with Kari Sjöstrand, tenor sax, flute and vocals, Daniel Lantz, Fender Rhodes and Henrik Voldsgaard Christensen, double bass. Where: The pub Pipes of Scotland/Hotel Uppsala (intersection of st. olofsg./kungsgatan) At 17.30. Free.
  • Saturday: Outside dance at Kopphagens dansbana in Länna. Celebration of Lennakatten. Show by MessAround. 12:30 - 16:00. Swing dj: Henrik Eriksson (me!). Free. Read more.
  • Sunday: Swe-dukes playes at Skarholmen. 15-18. 50 kr.

Wow. What a lineup of great events. Be sure to visit most of them!

I'll write more about them later on.

Which events are you going to? Tell me.

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