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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Herrang Dance Camp: Media attention

Today my local newspaper, Uppsala Nya Tidning (UNT), published a two page article about Herräng Dance Camp telling "Herräng has become the Mecca for swing dancing".

I guess I blogged a lot about Herräng Dance Camp but the fact is that Herräng is a big thing. Where else in the world do you have an international dance camp that goes on for five weeks with a total of approximately 3000 participants?

Herräng Dance Camp has been world famous within the swing community for a long time but ever since Swedish television aired Svante Grundberg's documentary about the camp: "Swingen anfaller" two years ago the camp has come within the radar reach of the media. Nowadays it's possible that if you say that you've been to Herräng Dance Camp on vacation, the person you talk to says "Yeah, I know about that camp". Previously, you just got a "Huh?". Ain't that cool?

UNT has also a video clip from Herräng Dance Camp with interviews of Lennart Westerlund, Åsa Palm and Daniel Heedman et al. Almost everything is in Swedish, but if you'd like some glipses of what it's like at the camp, take a look.

You will see some of the surroundings, the classes and The Meeting. BTW, does someone know what song is played in the end of the clip when they show the social dancing?

What do you think of the article and the video clip from Herräng Dance Camp? Tell me.

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