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Monday, July 23, 2007

Ain't she sweet? Lilian Roth sings karaoke

You might think that karaoke singing is modern social phenomena but films with sing-along subtitles has been around much longer, just cast an eye at the charming Lilian Roth singing the song "Ain't she sweet?".

Oh my, ain't that perfection! I repeat, don't you think she's kind of neat?

Note how she gives you instructions to sing along with the bouncing ball much like the karaoke machines nowadays. This video clip is just a part of a longer short film or soundie that even includes an animated cartoon part but I can't find it online anymore (do you know where the whole film is? Tell me.)

Is there someone who has any information about sing-along singing back in the 1930's and 1940's? Did people go to the theatre to sing together? Did they gather around the Panoram machine? If you know something, please tell me.

"Ain't She Sweet" was composed by Milton Ager & Jack Yellen in 1927. They also composed songs as "Hard Hearted Hanna", "Happy Days Are Here Again" and "Happy Feet".

What do you think of Lilian Roth singing "Ain't she sweet?"? Tell me.

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