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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eartha Kitt: Too close for comfort

Some singers has that special voice that once you hear it you can mistake it for some else's. An artist that has that quality is Eartha Kitt.

Eartha Kitt's pronunciation of her 'R':s in a purring way is something that makes her unique. It also made her a perfect (purrfect?) choice for the roll as Catwoman in the 1960s Batman tv series.

(Sidetrack: Did you know that jazz composer and arranger Neal Hefti who did a lot of work together with Count Basie in the 1950's also composed the Batman theme?)

Today I want to show you the jazz singer side of Eartha Kitt: Have a look at this collection of photos set to music: Eartha Kitt singing "Too close for comfort".

What an excellent version of "Too close for comfort"! Do you know a good cd with this version? Tell me.

What did you think of the video clip with Eartha Kitt? Tell me.


Anonymous said...

I am preparing for an Eartha Kitt Tribute show here in NYC entitled "Just 'Kitt' n": Remembering Eartha Kitt, Featuring Pecola. in Aug at the Gerschwin Hotel.

Some of you folks comments and personal accounts of her show and the profound effects on she'd with you is touching. I appreciate reading such comments and tid-bits of the great acts she did are most helpful in my preparation of this show. I've been approached over 3 years by actress, singers, ect. who thought that I 'should' do a tribute show.

As a struggling vocals here in NYC,already doing supper shows, and not getting the 'respect' in the form of audiences attendance really can be a downer. However, like all good striver....."You can't keep a good girl dow"...for too long at least. So, thru influences and encouragement to "Do some oneone else other than you." The relative likeness, at least in performance and vocals was non other than Miss Eartha Kitt.

So, as to plan and perform a great show.....I research and reach to you all, new and old fans for support and to help internalize this great actress/singer. Email me @ for comments, and help! Might include "Too close for comfort." lots of great songs to already choose from. thx.

Herman van der Meij (Toppy) said...

I have a Toppyjazz radioshow twice a week in Holland. Next month with arranger TONY OSBORNE. I have some takes with Eartha Kitt included.
She was a true CAT DIVA.