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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sarah Vaughan - Perdido

Sarah Vaughan is one jazz singer I haven't featured yet on the blog, but now is the time. Here is Sarah Vaughan singing the song Perdido.

I once danced with a girl that said she liked the song but she never could quite remember its name so she called it "that Mexican food song: Burrito".

I don't have that many Sarah Vaughan songs, what swinging tunes with her should I have?

What do you think about Sarah Vaughan singing Perdido? Tell me.


Let's Call This ... said...

I am not myself terribly familiar with Sarah Vaughan's music, but it is certainly wonderful to see a clip of her here.

Ella was easier on "Perdido," but this swings kinda nicely.

jepusto said...

Oft-dj'ed tunes from Sarah Vaughan:
Sassy's Blues
Shulie a Bop
They Can't Take That Away from Me
Lullaby of Birdland

J-h:n said...

I think Sassy's Blues is the must-have one. It's a bit hard to find good compilations of Sarah with lots of swinging stuff on them; so much of what she recorded was either boppish or ballady (or both).

Henrik said...

Thank you for the suggestions!

I'll look out for Sassy's blues.

I've already got They Can't Take That Away from Me and I dig it when she comes to the phrase "The way you sing off key" and then she sings the sentence off key on purpose. You got to love such things.

Anonymous said...

utmärkt bra. Men vem spelade 1979med henne i uppsala aulan och gjorde skivor DÅ ? Samt 78 till 82

Camden Hughes said...

I love Sarah Vaughan! Great clip. She's got such a great signature sound. Jazz musicians can learn to play this song at:

There's also a great video of Paul Gonsalvez sleeping on the job in Duke Ellington's band! Very funny.