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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A great evening for swing djing

Yesterday was a great night at Uplands nation. I felt like I had found "The Flow" most of the time. I heard positive things from people, that's always nice. I'd love more feedback, just tell me what you think; good things, bad things, suggestions or whatever. Don't be shy.

If you really like or dislike a song while I'm djing, come and tell me, that gives me important information about what songs certain types of dancers like and I can more properly adapt the music to the dancers on the floor. I always tries to look around the room and see which dancers are dancing right now and which are resting. It's hard to know if the people which are sitting are just tired for the moment or if they don't like the music for some reason: wrong style or too fast.

I try to keep the music varied but I also want to have a flow so I won't jump between styles between each song, if you have a flow you can build a certain mood. Yesterday I felt like building a mood with hi-fi recordings of big bands with a "fat" sound. I also tested a influence from the tango scene by djing a tanda of Benny Goodman songs (A tanda is a set of 4 songs of a certain style).

It would be interesting to dj an evening of just tandas, but I think I'll never bring myself to do just like tango where a cortina ("curtain") song is played between the tandas and all the people leave the floor to find new partners. That just doesn't fit the swing scene.

I'm sorry I could fit in a request by Mr R. If you have a request, tell me as soon as possible, then it's more likely that I've brought the music with me and that I can fit it in to the flow of the music. Next time, perhaps?

Where you there when I djed? Tell me what you thought.

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