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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hey Mr Jesse: August podcast

The Hey Mr Jesse podcast for August where Jesse Miner and Manu Smith talks about swinging jazz and blues that matters to dancers and is available now.

As usual they feature good solid swing music that they have found both online and in music stores. This time they also feature novelty tunes, in the sense that the tunes are not swing songs from the start but where someone has made a swing arrangement of the song. One example is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (originally by Nirvana) by Paul Anka on the album Rock Swings.

Another example they use is songs from Richard Cheese, who is a lounge singer in Las Vegas that makes crooner versions of every kind of contemporary songs, from Snoop Dogg and Limp Bizkit to Eminem. I first heard Richard Cheese in a clothes store a couple of months ago, but I have been hesitant to blog about him because it's mostly novelty music for swing dancers, but since Jesse Miner mentions him I guess I can do it too.

Take a look at this CNN segment with an interview with Richard Cheese:

The Hey Mr Jesse podcast got lots more content, including a interview with singer Linda Hopkins and a countdown of fantastic songs for dance jams. Take a look at all the details at the show notes for the August podcast.

Download the Hey Mr Jesse podcast August edition [ 48 MB, mp3]

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What do you think of the August edition of Hey Mr Jesse? Tell me.

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