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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fats Waller sings Ain't misbehavin' with Myra Johnson

Ain't misbehavin' is a classic jazz standard by Fats Waller that he wrote in 1929 and Andy Razaf wrote the lyrics. Take a look at this soundie from 1941 where Fats Waller sings Ain't misbehavin' together with Myra Johnson.

Fats Waller had a distinctive voice and a certain performing style with his running commentary all through the song. He was a great entertainer.

Do you know anything more about Myra Johnson?

What do you think of Fats Waller singing Ain't misbehavin'? Tell me.


Artrice said...

Hi! Trice from Philadelphia here...I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of Fats Waller! Although my favorite of his songs is "Feets too Big" I do like "Aint Misbehavin". Unfortunately in these types of clips you dont really get to hear his skills on the piano but I am happy that at least these clips do exist. Thanks for posting it!

Henrik said...

Welcome to my blog, Trice! :)

Artrice said...

Thanks! I didn't realize that Jazz was so big in Sweden :) This is a great blog site...as well as qhilw browsing through some of your previous blogs I found another of my favorite musicians on your site....Ella Fitzagerald! She was an absolute Stunner!

JWC said...

lI do know that Myra Johnson is not the lady sitting on the piano with Fats. Her name is Vivian Brown a dancer at the cotton club where she danced with her twin sister Hilda(Hibby)Brown. They were billed as the Brown Twins. Does anyone know the name of the lady who dances on Bugs Hamilton's Feet? I've seen her in other soundies such as Take Me Back Baby with Jimmy Rushing and Count Basie.