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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Youth Jazz Contest in Uppsala

Nkiru, winners of Youth Jazz Contest. Photo: ©Henrik Eriksson.
In november last year Uppsala Jazz Club held a contest for young jazz musicians: Youth Jazz Contest.

The musicians were overall very talented. They played modern jazz styles and while I can appreciate that on an intellectual level it doesn't grab me as much as swing does. How do you encourage young muscians to start playing swing?

The winners of the competition was a group called Nkiru with members (left to right): Andreas Larsson (drums), Niklas Fernqvist (bass), Jakob Gustavsson (saxophone) and Alexander Zethson (piano).

Stina Hellberg. Photo: ©Henrik Eriksson.

Stina Hellberg played a unusual instrument in a jazz environment: a harp, but it really worked. In her trio were also Linus Fredin (bass), Wille Alin (drums) and Alexander Iberer (cello).

Silver Sextett

This band plays a lot of songs by Horace Silver.

From left to right: Christoffer Aldin (saxophone), Johanna Grim (trombone), Henrik Grim (trumpet) samt Per Björkling (bass) Also in the band but not in this picture were Joel Sandberg (drums) and Henrik Boseaus (piano).

Johanna won the jurys bonus price.

Siver sextett. Photo: ©Henrik Eriksson.

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