Jazz jam session at Pub 19, Uppsala ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Friday, January 12, 2007

Jazz jam session at Pub 19, Uppsala

Singer Sani Gamedze from South Africa together with Erik Ojala (bass) at Pub 19 in Uppsala. Photo: ©Henrik Eriksson

Last night was a jazz jam night at Pub 19, where everybody could bring their instrument and jam together.

This was a nice evening and the best was when jazz singer Sani Gamedze from South Africa took the stage. Just wonderful.

She will sing at Katalin Thursday Feb 8th with Democracy of jazz.

The photo was taken by me and may not be used elsewhere without my permisson. You also see Erik Ojala on bass. I don't know the drummers name, if you know, please tell me.


RJ Hipster said...

How can I get in touch with the singer from South Africa. Does she have jazz out ? In the USA?

RJ Hipster said...

You can send over a blog or have Sani Gramedze go to my blog page site.
Thank you.