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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Jump by Casey MacGill & The Spirits of Rhythm

Jump by Casey MacGill & The Spirits of Rhythm is a modern classic that I think you should know of. The cd has a lot of songs with high energy as well as some bluesier songs.

'Jump' seems to be hard to get nowadays and is out of stock at most online stores, if you have happen to stumble upon it, don't hesitate, buy the cd.

The song 'Whadaya Want' was earlier done by a group called The Robins and you can compare the versions by checking out the cd ''Leiber & Stoller Present the Spark Records Story'. (You can find it at the Uppsala City Library)

If you read the previous posts, you might wonder why I choose this particular swing cd. Well, I choose the cd because it has red and yellow on the front of the jewel case just like the Anita O'day cd. Hey, anything is allowed ;-).

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Jason said...

I had the pleasure of buying my CD from Casey himself when he played for a gig arranged by the Swing Devils, a swing dance competition club in Moscow Idaho back in the day when swing was in the midst of a revival. Casey was even more fun in person to dance to then you can imagine from the songs. I am going to be picking up his new group's CD "Casey MacGill's Blue 4 Trio"