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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Township jazz 'n' jive - South African jazz music

Cd review

When I was swing disc jockey at Dekadans on Tuesday I played some songs from the album Township Jazz 'n' Jive which has swing jazz music from South Africa from the 50s.

The tunes definitely have a certain African feel to them and many of them are based on the music style Kwela. Kwela has a simple music structure and can feel repetitive if you play songs back to back but once or twice during an evening works nice.

Good jazz tunes on this album are Something New In Africa by Solven Whistlers, Baby Are Yeng by Nancy Jacobs & Her Sisters and Tihapi Ke Noga by Dolly Rathebe.

Do you know of some other good African swing, jazz or blues music? Let me know.

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