Playboy Jazz Festival 2007 ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Playboy Jazz Festival 2007

Playboy Jazz Festival 2007
This weekend The Playboy Jazz Festival will be held at the Hollywood bowl where you can see artists like The World Famous Count Basie Orchestra, Dianne Reeves, Etta James and the Roots Band and many more jazz and blues artists.

It would be so much fun to go to Hollywood to attend this, make some interviews, take photos of the legends and report back to you, but it won't happen this year, so:

"Mr Hefner, if you would like me to dj an after hours swing and blues party at the Playboy mansion next year, send me some plane tickets and I'll be there!"

I'm going to see if I can listen to the jazz concerts from the festival on the radio station KJAZZ instead. KJAZZ seems to be a really good jazz and blues radion station.

Are you going to the Playboy Jazz Festival? Have you been there? Tell me.


Gerald said...
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Gerald said...

This was my 2nd year attending the Playboy Jazz Fest and all I can say is it is a Live Jazz Party at the world famous Hollywood Bowl with 17,000 of your friends you see only once a year. I attend with my sister from LA and cousins who come in from Florida. They have been going for 28 years and have blessed me with the best jazz experience I've ever seen or heard. This is the best venue for live jazz in the world. The music never stops because the stage revolves. As one band finishes, the next band starts. It's awesome!!! At times, the artist will come off stage and walk around the "Bowl" and continue to play or sing and if your sitting in the right spot, it's like you get a private mini concert. I'm from Chicago and I've seen some great concerts here and in Europe but NOTHING compares to being at the Playboy!!!! Another thing is you never know who you'll see in the crowd. This year I met Sinbad, Cortney B. Vance and Tavis Smiley not to mention seeing Jamie Fox and Hef come in with plenty of their beauties!!! Don't get this confused with Playboy Magazine, this weekend is all about the music. I will never miss another Playboy!!! I sit in section E, row 2 (stage left) so if you're there next year, stop by and say hi to Gerald from Chicago!!!