Harlem Hot Shots dances in TV4 Talang final ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Friday, June 1, 2007

Harlem Hot Shots dances in TV4 Talang final

Tonight, the swing dance show group The Harlem Hot Shots will perform in the final of the talent show Talang 2007 on TV4. The competition is fierce so be sure to vote for them, so that they can win the first prize of one million swedish crowns.

In the final they will add some extras and one lindy hopper from Uppsala might be seen in the background. I'm also told that there will also be a live band performing the song they will dance to.

Watch Talang 2007 at 20 o'clock tonight on TV4. Vote for lindy hop!

Video clips with Harlem Hotshots: semi final and audition round.

Have you followed Talang 2007 on TV4? What do you think of Harlem Hot Shots chances of winning? Tell me.

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