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Friday, July 11, 2008

Opus One: Tommy Dorsey

I will continue to list the classic swing songs. Here is one undisputed classic: Opus One with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra. This particular version is from the short film "Universal Name Band Musical 7301: Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra" from 1951.

Opus #1 was written by Sy Oliver and became a hit with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra in 1944.

I love the trading of phrases that goes on between trumpeter Charlie Shavers and the pianist (who is he, can anyone help me?)

What do you think of Opus No. 1? Got any suggestions of other classic swing songs? Please comment.


Bengt Olsson said...

Pianisten på inspelningen 1944 är Milt Golden.

I filmen från 1951 är det med största sannolikhet Fred Deland.

Henrik said...

Tack så hemskt mycket för dom uppgifterna, Bengt.

Anonymous said...

HI Henrik! Great blog...love OPUS ONE! Just wanted to thank you for posting. My dad was a teenager when he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corp and received two bronze sars flying missions out of England. This music (and that of Glen Miller) is perfect dance music and reminds me of such great times growing up dancing with my dad! It's also a great reminder of the sacrifices of millions to end WWII and the kind of music that kept them going. Blessings from America! p.s. Too many great songs to list, but one of my faves is 'Take the A Train' nobody compares with Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald!

Claire DeLand said...

For the person who asked who the pianist is, his name is/was Freddie DeLand. He was my father-in-law.

We think the exchange between Tommy and Fred is almost as great as the one between him and the trumpeter. All in all this might be my favorite video of him.

Thanks for noticing - - - he was a fantastic piano player!!! Some said, "the best anywhere" at the time.

jelle said...

I think the pianist may be Milt Raskin. Look at this pic http://www.spaceagepop.com/raskin.htm - Wikipedia says he played in Tommy's band from 42-44.