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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Balboa Experiment vs Sweden Balboa Weekend

Today the website for The Balboa Experiment was released. It's an intense balboa workshop organized by Nick Williams and David Rehm for balboa dancers at the "master" level.

Cool concept. I'd love to be there but I'm not at that level (yet). I need more other classes and workshops. However, several of the instructors at The Balboa Experiment will also be at Sweden Balboa Weekend here in Uppsala in September (26-28th). Yeees!

The weekend is filling up so if you're interested in participating in the Sweden Balboa Weekend, signup now.

By the way, is there anyone interested in practising balboa right now, I mean, from now until the classes starts again in the autumn? Send me a message.

What do you think of The Balboa Experiment and Sweden Balboa Weekend? Please comment.

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