Firehouse Five Plus Two plays Jingle Bells ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Firehouse Five Plus Two plays Jingle Bells

Firehouse Five Plus Two plays a great dixieland jazz version of Jingle Bells in this video clip from the Disney tv show: One Hour in Wonderland from 1950.

"One Hour in Wonderland" is said to be the first tv program that the Disney studios produced.

The band Firehouse Five Plus Two consisted of animators from the studio: Danny Alguire, cornet, Harper Goff, banjo, Ward Kimball, trombone, Clarke Mallery, clarinet, Monte Mountjoy, drums, Ed Penner, tuba and Frank Thomas, piano.

(Yeah, I know, I broke an unwritten dj rule, that is, not to play the same song twice in a row, but sometimes you got to break the rules, especially when it's such a happy and joyful version.)

What do think of Firehouse Five Plus Two playing Jingle Bells? Tell me.

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