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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Diana Krall: Live in Paris: I Love Being Here With You

In this video clip from a live concert from Paris, Diana Krall swings like mad when she plays "I Love Being Here With You".

Wow. Feel the energy coming from Diana Krall and the band. The playing is so tight. I wish I could play piano like that.

Besides swinging like mad, I also like the more mellow part in the middle of the song where it's interesting to study (and enjoy) how the other players drops in some smalls notes to support the other musician who is doing the solo. It really takes a great deal of timing and musicality to do that right.

The Diana Krall concert from Paris is available on DVD.

What do you think of the video clip with Diana Krall playing "I Love Being Here With You" from her jazz concert in Paris? Tell me.


Steve Emery said...

Just learned of your blog from Moomin Light's post (http://mlight.typepad.com/moomin_light/2008/01/swing-jazz-and.html). This is a wonderful performance - and thanks so much for the tip to listen to the support they give each other during their solos, that is wonderful. I even liked her bow after her solo - so cool, so hot - all at once. She is SO into the music, as are they all.

Loved the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers post, as well ("I Won't Dance").

We'll be looking regularly.

Henrik said...

Hi Steve. Welcome to the blog!

Also, have a look in the archive, there is lots of fun stuff there.