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Saturday, January 12, 2008

What is so interesting about dances from 1961?

The last couple of days many people have arrived at my blog while searching for "dances from 1961" or "dance of 1961".

It can't be a coincidence, something is happening, but I don't know what, do you? Tell me.

Most people found the list of dances included in the book Social Dancing in America: A History and Reference Volume 2 Lindy Hop to Hip Hop, 1901-2000 that I listed here in the interview with author Ralph G. Giordano.

Is it a new tv series that has started or are people really interested in dances like The Fish, The Pachanga, The Watusi or The Twist?

Tell me what's going on.


Anonymous said...

There was a crossword on Thrursday that has "dance of 1961" as a clue...

Anonymous said...

yea i had that crossword too.

Anonymous said...

for the crossword, the answer is watusi