Swing Cats Jamboree - Louis Prima ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swing Cats Jamboree - Louis Prima

Check out this great short film, Swing Cats Jamboree, where Louie Prima and his band performs 3-4 songs. There are also some dance in the video clip, for example a tap version of shim sham.

Do you perhaps know who the dancers and/or muscians are? Tell me.

What do you think of the video clip with Louis Prima? Please comment.


Eric said...

A music short featuring Louis Prima and his Band with vocalist
Shirley Lloyd, and dancers Mitzi Dahl and Ted Gary performing "I
Can't Give You Anything But Love," "If You Love Me," "Loch Lomond"
and "You're an Education in Yourself." Personnel: George Hirsh,
Sherman Masinter, Frank Pinero, Frank Prederico, Louis Prima, Jr.
and Meyer Wemberg.


guillaume said...


kiltronauta said...

Simplemente Maravilloso!

Johannes said...

Thanks for the tip! Great swingin' action from Mr. Prima!

Anonymous said...

I think that's Mitzi Dahl and Ted Gary dancing. She's of course adorable and talented, but Ted is amazing! He dances with such complete abandon! I tried to find more about him, but cannot. Thanks for posting the video!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the tap dancer is none other than Christian "Buddy" Ebsen, aka Jed Clampett of the "Beverly Hillbillies. He was a dancer for a long time before he got more speaking roles.

Yakov Hadash said...

amazing. i threw this up all over facebook.