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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well Git It - Tommy Dorsey

Well Git It is one of my favorite songs, here is a video clip with Tommy Dorsey performing Well Git It. The video clip starts kind of mellow but don't you worry, they soon start playing it the way you know it: up-tempo, kick-ass and jam circle encouraging .

You'll see a young Buddy Rich at the drums, a year ago I posted a video clip of Buddy Rich performing Well Git It on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

What do you think of Well Git It with Tommy Dorsey? Please comment.


Mats said...

I can never hear "Well git it" anymore without thinking of this video clip!


Henrik said...

Oh, great! I haven't seen that before. Thanks, Mats!

Anonymous said...

Buy the dvd on the motion picture
DuBarry Was A Lady.Then you can see and hear Tommy Dorsey and
Buddy Rich play Well Git It.Tjhis is my all time favorite big band song.You`ll also hear Ziggy El,man
and Chuck Peterson on trumpet,and
not to mention those two great
pianists.(I don`t know who they are.
Gene DeSantis

Henrik said...

Thank you for the tip, Gene! :)